Json return array

Json return array

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Just write a string to the output stream. There's a small but nonzero chance that it'll keep something from messing it up someday, and it's a good practice. Have to say people if yours vars are empty when using gson it wont build the json for you.

Just the. But at last the data structure will be serialized to string. Setting a proper MIME type would be nice. So, this is a new implementation:. Close to BalusC answer in 4 simple lines using Google Gson lib. Add this lines to the servlet method:. Learn more. Asked 10 years, 3 months ago.

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Active 9 months ago. Viewed k times. Ankur Ankur Ankur checkout the link if you decided to use Spring 3. These Nitpicks esp. Active Oldest Votes. I do exactly what you suggest return a String. Mark Elliot Mark Elliot Write the JSON object to the response object's output stream. You should also set the content type as follows, which will specify what you are returning: response. Symmetric 3, 5 5 gold badges 26 26 silver badges 43 43 bronze badges.

This helped me. As mentioned in Mark Elliot answer, jsonObject could be just a string formatted as a json. Remember to use double quotes, as single quotes won't give you a valid json.

It will be good to use response. See also: How to use Servlets and Ajax? What is the correct JSON content type? BalusC BalusC k gold badges silver badges bronze badges. I'm doing this to send response to javascript and displaying the response in alert. Depending on version, JsonObject is abstract. I created an answer to a newer implementation. Gson is very usefull for this.If the session is set means the user is logged in then fetch its records otherwise return an empty array.

Thank You. Hope we will have more angular JS demos. Thank you very much! Hi nicely explained very easily, but i have a question is once button is clicked its ok.

Hi Savan, You can do this by creating a Boolean variable to store the status if the button is clicked or not. On button clicked fetch records and assign true to the variable. Only fetch record if a variable has false value. In my case my. Hi Eric, Can you mail me your code at makitweb gmail. Can you share your code at makitweb gmail. Hi Yogesh Singh, thank for this mini tutorial. How to know if the json data is captured by the ajax script?

Click on the AJAX file name. I would really appreciate it. Your email address will not be published. Your Comment. Your Name. Your Email. Your Website URL. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Last updated on December 6th, by Yogesh Singh. Related posts:.

What is JSON? - JSON Objects and JSON Arrays - Working with JSONs Tutorial

Spread the love. Shuyaib said:. Thank you. Yogesh Singh said:.

GSON – Parse JSON array to Java array or list

MAYUR said:. Sanni said:. Mouhend said:. Jessica said:. Abdullah said:. Developer said:. Syairi said:. Savan said:. JOE said:. Colin Brazier said:. I have the same issue as Eric November 24, Hi Yogesh, Here it is.You can create wrapper objects and nest complex properties. UnitPrice' - to format nested output.

The following example also uses the ROOT option to specify a named root element. By default, null values are not included in the output. The absence of the null value from the returned JSON is also illustrated. If you don't specify this option, the JSON output doesn't have a root element. Use this option to generate a single JSON object as output from a single-row result.

If you don't specify this option, the JSON output is formatted as an array - that is, it's enclosed within square brackets. Both the names of columns and their values are escaped according to JSON syntax. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. ClassName, s.

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ClassGuid --where -- c. A small result set may contain a single row. A large result set splits the long JSON string across multiple rows. The SSMS status bar displays the actual row count. Other client applications may require code to recombine lengthy results into a single, valid JSON string by concatenating the contents of multiple rows. The results are formatted as an array of JSON objects. Yes No. Any additional feedback?

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Consider the following:. Learn more. Asked 9 years, 1 month ago. Active 5 months ago. Viewed k times. I am trying to decode a JSON string into an array but i get the following error. Avishake 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 17 17 bronze badges.

Active Oldest Votes. Francisco Corrales Morales 3, 1 1 gold badge 31 31 silver badges 58 58 bronze badges. Stephen Stephen 16k 4 4 gold badges 27 27 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges.

It begs the question, what are the advantages of having it return as an array and not an object? It raises the question. To "beg a question" means to assume something that remains to be proved ref. In either case, the advantage might be that the OP is more comfortable traversing arrays than objects, or that some other, already implemented, code requires an array.

Indeed it could DavidMann. I would add the comment albeit years later that there is no possibility of JSON containing anything but data making this a confounding "default" choice. Pang 7, 16 16 gold badges 70 70 silver badges bronze badges. Just in case you are working on php less then 5. Anuj Pandey Anuj Pandey 2 2 gold badges 11 11 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges. Concur with JimmyKane. I tried and run both versions in a cycle; if you need both object and array albeit this ought to happen rarely?

On the other hand, both are so fast that unless you need literally thousands of decodings, the difference is negligible. Bugs 4, 9 9 gold badges 27 27 silver badges 37 37 bronze badges. Arjun Kariyadan Arjun Kariyadan 2 2 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Software Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professionals, academics, and students working within the systems development life cycle. It only takes a minute to sign up. So, when someone makes a GET on the books resource, we would be returning the following.

I heard from someone at work that the recommended REST practice is to always return responses as JSON objects, which would mean that our schema for books would look like this. In practice the second option is the best practice. Reason for this is that you cannot extend the resource at all when you just return an array.

For example: If you need to add a count of all records you are already done with the array only approach. If that happens in one list api then you want to keep it consistent so make all an object then your api becomes more consistent and easier to use for developers.

For example: Let's say a developer writes generic code to use your api to show list and detail pages. He does not want to build an exception because sometimes it's an array and sometimes it's an object with a list property. This answer in total has nothing todo with principles about rest, hateoas and other protocols but just being real about the data you need to send to the client.

If you decide to follow for example hateos then off course stick to their standards which is also objects btw.

How to return a json object from java to javascript (cordova)

I don't think you should add "list" if it's not needed, it might even be confusing because what's following it is an array, instead of a list.

Best REST practice? The API should give proper response to whatever set in Accept header, and also good documentation. In other words, make it JSON compliant, and you won't have to write your own parser. Further, there will be no surprises when the next developer writes software that consumes the service. Either schema is acceptable, from a REST perspective. A dictionary with a single meaningless key "list" and an array value is pointless - return an array instead.In this post I will talk about one annoying thing — how to return a result set containing one to many relationships between tables i.

I have relational structure with several one to many relationships e.

json return array

Person may have several phones, or several email addresses. In order to read Person and related information; In need to run several queries e. It would be nice if I could retrieve person information and all related information with a single SQL query.

In practice you will have one to many relationships in many cases, e. If you want to store these information in relational database, you would need to use something like a structure on the following figure:.

Even for the simple structures such as phone numbers or emails that will be represented as arrays in C or Java, you would need to create separate tables with foreign key relationships.

json return array

Now if you try to join these tables you would need to use something like a following query:. EmailAddress ON Person. PersonPhone ON Person. If you run this query in AdventureWorks database, you will get information about person with email address and phone number:.

One row is returned because in AW database there is only one telephone number and email per person. Similar results will be returned if you query Sales.

json return array

Now, since database schema allows us to add more than one address what would happen if you add another email address to Stephen? Query will now return the following results:.

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This is a messy because now instead of a single row you are getting 6 rows because two email addressed are cross combined with three phone numbers. Now you have two choices — handle these duplicates in client-side or try to return related data in single row. Instead of joining related tables we can just attach related information as an array of records formatted as JSON array.

We can select data from Person table, and add related email addresses as subquery formatted as JSON text:. In this case we are returning hybrid result set - relational data from Person table are returned as columns, while related information from Person.

In this case we can write simple T-SQL user defined function that removes keys from the array and return plain array:. FirstName, Person. We can also return related information both from emails and phone tables. Second set of related information would be returned as column level JSON expression:. PhoneNumber, Person. In this case, we have returned a single row for a particular person and all related information are returned as an array of JSON object in the single line.

You might notice that we still have one array. The fact that we are adding new child items do not affects number of returned results. Instead of hybrid result set, we can format all results as JSON i. If you want to return all results as JSON there is even simpler syntax. BusinessEntityID, Person. LastName, Person. Skip to main content.

Exit focus mode.Returns a string containing the JSON representation of the supplied value. Can be any type except a resource. The behaviour of these constants is described on the JSON constants page. Version Description 7. Note : When encoding an array, if the keys are not a continuous numeric sequence starting from 0, all keys are encoded as strings, and specified explicitly for each key-value pair.

While most decoders will accept these values as valid JSON, some may not, as the specification is ambiguous on this point.

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Edit Report a Bug. Parameters value The value being encoded. All string data must be UTF-8 encoded. Must be greater than zero. Changelog Version Description 7. This is intended to be a simple readable json encode function for PHP 5. For PHP5. Although this is not documented on the version log here, non-UTF8 handling behaviour has changed in 5. Do not pass associative arrays if the order is important to you. For anyone who has run into the problem of private properties not being added, you can simply implement the IteratorAggregate interface with the getIterator method.

Add the properties you want to be included in the output into an array in the getIterator method and return it. This function does something funky if you pass it a mixed array -- see the comments for details.

I don't make a claim that this function is by any means complete for example, it doesn't handle objects so if you have any improvements, go for it. I haven't figured out how to make sure that encodes as an array.